Billy Hafferty

Green Mountain Massage and Bodywork based in Burlington, Vermont

Billy worked for my massage company, Rod Cain Massage Therapy from January 21 to April 5 of 2023. After leaving abruptly without any advance notice, he proceeded to market his new business with my mailing list, sending unsolicited mail to my clients without anyone's consent. A few clients have even alleged he was handing out his business cards while working in my studio. While taking intellectual material from your employer is perhaps not illegal, it is highly unethical and a breach of trust, not only with me as his employer, but with my clients whose personal information was taken.

I have over the years, helped my employees build their own practices in the profession we share—and which I love dearly. I want therapists to learn and grow....but unfortunately, some feel there are shortcuts to success and neglect the importance of respect and transparency.

This website serves as a reminder that one's reputation and integrity are the real keys to success......and it will remain until I am satisfied with an appropriate response.